How to sell your property faster and more efficiently

Have you been trying to sell a house, apartment or land for months without success? Are you afraid of missing the opportunity to sell your property?

Before you lose hope of reaching that satisfying sale, breathe and relax. The experienced Real Estate team at Centro Casas is here to help you.

“We know that many times, the process of selling a property can be intimidating for some people. That’s why, in our more than 30 years of real estate experience, we have helped so many people fulfill that dream of selling their property,” says Belkys Pino, president of Centro Casas.

For her part, Ivy Ruiz, Real Estate Manager at Centro Casas adds that having a real estate broker during the process, “provides clients – both sellers and buyers – with truthful information on market behavior, advises solutions, develops commitment, satisfies needs and imparts confidence for their knowledge and experience effectively to achieve the sale as soon as possible”.

The real estate broker assures the seller that the clients are qualified, ready, willing and able to achieve the sale in the shortest possible time.

What can a broker do to sell your property

There are several advantages to having a Centro Casas real estate broker, including:

  • It can guide and prepare a report of comparables in the area, based on an analysis of recent sales.
  • It provides ideal advertising on different specialized platforms to get the buyer ready ready and able to buy.
  • It offers a safe inspection of your property.
  • He uses the MLS portal resource, where he shares property information with other fellow brokers.
  • Proper signage, which provides security and avoids prospects who do not have the ability to buy.
  • It offers recommendations related to the proper presentation of the property (if any improvements need to be made).
  • Help in the process of negotiation, contract of sale and closing.

A helping hand during challenging times

Ivy Ruiz, who has extensive real estate experience, adds that this is an excellent time to sell a property. “There are many clients interested in acquiring property, taking advantage of the low interest rates and the different incentives that both government and federal agencies could offer. Right now, we have CDBG-DR funding and Home funding,” he says.

If you want to sell a house, apartment, land or commercial property, do not hesitate to contact the expert team of Centro Casas. Just call 787-287-0100. Our commitment is to be the link at all times to achieve the sale, assisting the seller and buyer in all the necessary and required documentation to ensure that the transaction does not have delays. In addition, we provide assistance with the services of appraisals, plot plan, cancellation balances or CRIM. In short, any type of management to achieve the closure of the property as soon as possible.